Calle León XIII


Chronology: 15th-16th century. Style: Mudejar.

There are few references regarding its origin and function. It is speculated that it was one of the gates providing access to the town center and could be guarded and closed as needed. As deduced from the reading of documents preserved in private archives, in 1811, in its vicinity and funded by the Town Hall, a fort was built to accommodate the occupying French troops. To provide it with better defense, it was surrounded by an adobe wall and a wooden fence, reinforced with a ditch. In the enclosure, a garrison of 50 soldiers resided, with the Casa-Palacio de los Duques de Arcos chosen as the place to house the commanding officer and high-ranking French officers. The picturesque nature of this arch has made it an emblematic place in the historic center of Mairena. The view of it from Calle Ancha was immortalized in a tourist postcard in the mid-20th century. From this point, you can reach the Parish Church and the Castle by walking through the city’s oldest streets.

Type of monument:

Civil monument.

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