Chronology: 1982 Authors: Jesús and Antonio Gavira Alba

“In your fair, oh Mairena, is where all of Andalusia is summarized, ciphered, and encapsulated, its being, its life, its spirit, its quintessence.” Inspired by passages from the work “Escenas andaluzas” by the romantic writer Serafín Estébanez Calderón, brothers Jesús and Antonio Gavira Alba conceived a monument that synthesizes the open and pioneering character of the local fair as a reference for those in the rest of Andalusia. The attire of the couple portrayed on horseback in the traditional style of the 19th century takes center stage. The “majo” costumes were highly appreciated by travelers and tourists, and flamenco fashion in Mairena became a benchmark. Richard Ford had himself portrayed by José Domínguez Becquer in a triptych where he wore the outfit that every serious “majo” should wear on each of the three stipulated days of the fair, and Washington Irving joined the crowd at the entrance of Seville to see the groups of people returning from the Mairena fair, because, as Estébanez recounts: “In you, Mairena, is where every year the use that will govern the most prevalent decorations, the cut that the different parts of the Andalusian costume will have, is established.”

Type of monument:

Civil monument

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