Avenida de la Igualdad


Chronology: 2018 Author: José Manuel Peña

Designed by José Manuel Peña. The word “almacenera” (female warehouse worker) is embedded in the profile of the town due to the profession’s connection with the people. Although the central element is a woman, the author has given her movement by incorporating both solid and openwork parts. She carries the basket where the workers used to bring their lunch. The same basket that, on the way back home, carried “bread” for their children, the sustenance of their family.

On the back, homage is paid to the fruit, an olive with leaves, and a series of curved lines, initially disordered, simulating the branches and twigs of an olive tree seen from below, looking up to the sky. The ensemble is completed with a garden wall and a flowerbed, which, as the newly planted shrubs grow, will simulate the vegetation of the castle’s garden on the town’s profile.

Type of monument:

Civil monument

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