Calle Cervantes, 37


Chronology: 1968. Author: Antonio Gavira Alba.

“To the great Gypsy singing carried to the highest summit on the wings of the master Antonio Mairena.” This inscription would summarize this remarkable monument, made of limestone and bronze. In the relief, the figure of a woman with wings, representing Andalusia, emerges victoriously, having ensured that the Flamenco singing has reached our days. She extends her left arm, holding the “Key to Singing” obtained by Antonio Mairena, which is above the compass rose, symbolizing the spread of Antonio Mairena’s singing throughout the world. Beside her, a torch illuminates the power, genius, creativity, and richness of the renowned singer. The woman rests her foot on a step, the same one that Antonio Mairena contributes to Deep Singing. The sun shines brightly over the entire scene, influencing the mood and spirit of all of Andalusia.

On the monolith, all the styles of singing found in Flamenco, and a profile of Antonio Mairena.

Type of monument:

Civil monument.

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