Plaza Antonio Mairena


Chronology: 1978 Author: Jesús Gavira Alba

Located in the center of Plaza Antonio Mairena, this monument aims to represent the different values of the Los Alcores region and the popular culture that has emerged in the town of Mairena over time.

It is presented in two distinct levels: a lower one consisting of an unpolished stone support, and an upper one formalized by a bronze female figure.

Various aspects of popular culture are represented on the lower base of the monument, in bronze reliefs paying tribute to agriculture, flamenco, the fair, and the archaeological findings in the area.

Above them, and with the passage of time, Mairena has seen the emergence of higher cultural levels, which are intended to be reflected in the female figure on the upper level: a woman holding a mask as a symbol of theater and literature, a lyre as a symbol of music, and the Ionic order capital found in Luna Castle as a symbol of architecture.

As a synthesis of all this culture, a spring of knowledge flows allegorically through the mouth of a child who is depicted drinking from that spring, representing the new generations of the town.

Type of monument:

Civil monument

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